Cupcake Flavors     

$2.50 ea.   Half dozen $14.00   Dozen $28.00


  • All Vanilla                                            All Chocolate*                               Coconut   
  • Red Velvet                                            Carrot                                             Lemon
  • Tiramisu                                               Cookies-N-Cream                        Cinnamon Apple Pie*
  • Boston Cream*                                     Black Forest*                                 Vanilla Chocolate                             
  • Campfire*                                             Vanilla Strawberry*                      Dulce de Leche (caramel)*
  • Vanilla Mango *                                   Vanilla Chocolate Chip                Vanilla Guava*  

                                                                      *Indicates cupcakes are filled     




  • Sugar
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut


Brownies & Bars 


  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Lemon Bars
  • Raspberry Almond Bar
  • Cookie Brownies

Cake Slices


  • Red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream filling.
  • Chocolate cake with oreo buttercream.
  • Coconut cake with cream cheese  buttercream filling.
  • Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling.
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream filling.
  • Vanilla cake with guava & dulce de leche filling. Dominican style meringue icing.

                                                                     *Not all flavors available daily


Others Sweets

  • Bread Pudding $2.00
  • Tres Leche Slice $3.50
  • Coconut Macaron $1.25
  • Pineapple Upside Down $3.25
  • Mini Naked Cake $6.50


  • Banana Pudding- vanilla wafer cookies, Banana Custard, Sliced Bananas and Whipped Cream $3.50
  • Chocolate Mousse parfait- Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate cake w/ Chocolate shaving  $3.50
  • Lemon Meringue parfait $3.50
  • Tiramisu parfait $3.50
  • Strawberry Short Cake $3.50


* Not all items are available daily. Please order ahead.





We do have peanuts and nuts in our shop. There may be traces of nuts in our products.


Cake Flavors & Fillings


       Cake                                               Buttercream Flavors                      Other Fillings

        Vanilla                                                                      Chocolate                                              Dulce de Leche

      Chocolate                                                                     Vanilla                                                        Guava

     Red Velvet                                                                 Strawberry                                            Coconut Custard

        Carrot                                                                        Caramel                                                   Strawberry

        Lemon                                                                         Oreo *                                                    Raspberry

        Marble                                                                       Mango                                                      Nutella*

                                                                                     Passion Fruit                                              Lemon Curd*

                                                                                    Cream Cheese *                                          Passion Fruit*

                                                                                         Hazelnut*                                                    Mango

                                                                                  White Chocolate*                                        Vanilla Custard                                                                                           Lemon

                                                                      *Available at additional charge


Classic Cakes

These standard cakes  are available for any occasion. Personalize it  with your choice  of color.


Sugar decorations available at additional cost: Sugar molded figurines, butterflies, sport balls, sugar bows, etc.


To place an order please contact our shop 516 612-2697 during regular shop hours or email us at We require full payment when the order is placed.

When inquiring after hours, please email us at with your name and phone number

and a description of what you are interested in placing an order for.


All deposits and or final payments are non-refundable.



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